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This tumblr began with a dedication to speak out against abortion, but I have since branched out to include posts pertaining to my Catholic faith as well. My pro-life beliefs are the greatest driving force in why I have a tumblr, so that is a majority of what you see here.

[Doing abortions] can make you feel bad … No matter how pro-choice you are, it makes you feel low.”Anonymous abortion doctor, quoted by Jack Hitt in “Who Will Do Abortion’s Here?”, New York Times Magazine, January 18, 1998.

[Abortion is] the dirty work of our field. The sad truth is that the people who moonlight at the clinics are grade-B doctors. They’re not the cream of the crop.”Anonymous pro-choice OB/GYN , quoted by Jack Hitt in “Who Will Do Abortion’s Here?”, New York Times Magazine, January 18, 1998.

Nobody wants to perform abortions after ten weeks because by then you see the features of the baby, hands, feet. It’s really barbaric. Abortions are very draining, exhausting, and heartrending. There are a lot of tears. Sometimes patients turn on you. They say, “Let’s get out of here,” after the abortion, as if you’re some dirty person. It’s vicious. Then you get these teenyboppers in the office who laugh their way through it. It doesn’t mean a thing to them. That bothers me…I do them because I take the attitude that women are going to terminate babies and deserve the same kind of treatment as women who carry babies… I’ve done a couple thousand, and it turned into a significant financial boon, but I also feel I’ve provided an important service. The only way I can do an abortion is to consider only the woman as my patient and block out the baby….”Anonymous abortionist, in M.D.: Doctors Talk About Themselves John Pekkanen, Delcorte Press: New York, 1988. Pgs 90-91.

"I have angry feelings at myself for feeling good about grasping the calvaria [head], for feeling good about doing a technically good procedure that destroys a fetus, kills a baby."Anonymous abortion provider, “Abortion Providers Share Inner Conflicts” Diane M. Gianelli, American Medical News, July 12, 1993.

The later ones though, they’re bad- you see little arms and feet…little, but you know what they are and you know what’s really being done.”Anonymous abortion doctor, The Abortionist Mary Ellen Mark, GQ Magazine, Feb. 1994.

You look at the ultrasounds and there’s a fetus with a heartbeat and then after the procedure, there’s the fetus, usually in pieces, in a dish. It was alive one moment and it’s not the next… I don’t believe, as some anti-abortion people would have you believe, that there’s a “silent scream.” But it’s very clear to me that it’s killing a potential life. And I found that hard at first.”Anonymous abortion provider, Birth Mother, Doctor, Abortionist Salon Magazine, Camille Peri.

"It was disturbing for me to see recognizable body parts in the removed tissue, usually an arm or a leg. My intent is not to be gruesome, but there is a reality behind all the political jargon that I believe I allowed myself to ignore until this experience. I have images now that accompany phrases such as, “Potential for life” and I understand the emotions that drive pro-life forces…" —Anonymous medical student working at Planned Parenthood, Abortion Action Guide Medical Students for Choice, National Abortion Federation, Sept. 1993

"When I can identify the four chambers of the heart, I start feeling miserable. And when I put my hands on somebody to feel how big they are and I get kicked, I am barely able to talk at that moment."Anonymous abortion doctor, Diane M. Gianelli, Abortion Providers Share Inner Conflicts American Medical News, July 12, 1993.