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This tumblr began with a dedication to speak out against abortion, but I have since branched out to include posts pertaining to my Catholic faith as well. My pro-life beliefs are the greatest driving force in why I have a tumblr, so that is a majority of what you see here.
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When presented with an image of a human being in its embryonic or fetal stages, the pro-choicer scoffs and says it is not realistic.  The images of the unborn are accused of being “fake” and “misleading.” 

I was reading a book about genes and DNA to my son this morning and came to a page about “building a baby.”  Not only does this science book consistently refer to the developing child as a ‘baby,’ but they provide a photo of an embryo at five weeks old and point out it’s head, eyes, legs and arms.  At 5 weeks, many pro-choicers expect the embryo to be nothing but a cluster of cells.  Many refuse to acknowledge that even at this early stage of development, we already have the characteristics of human appearance (as we are familiar with it.)

Everyone who has ever been born started as a single cell.  A baby begins when two cells, one from each parent, join together to make a new cell that continues dividing and growing.  Following the instructions in their genes, the cells keep growing and arranging themselves until the baby is ready to be born.  At birth, instead of just one cell, the baby has grown into about two hundred million.  Even after the baby is born, the genes still have work to do.  The baby keeps growing for another 20 years, still using instructions from the same genes.  In fact, genes keep working throughout a person’s lifetime, making new cells and body substances.

The fact that a baby is “growing” and “developing” in the womb has no bearing on its humanity or worth.  Every human, born and unborn, is undergoing a process of growth and development throughout their entire life.  The location of where we do this growing, or the specific point of development we are in at any given moment, is irrelevant in determine “how human” we are.  We do not become human in degrees, or establish “more” humanity as we age.

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